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On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Guido van Rossum
<> wrote:
> IMO converting into a package, unless that's already planned anyway, is not a good project
> to undertake right now.

What are your reasons? I don't necessarily disagree, but want to
weight pros and cons.  It does not seem like a hard thing to do:
rename to turtle/ and add   As I
said, I don't intend to anything more than that in the first step.

>  (OTOH the demo itself already is a package, less an file.)

Unfortunately it also relies on being run from directory containing
the main script, so converting it into a proper package is a bit more
involved than renaming the directory and adding an empty
file.  Still it is not that hard.

>  Note that the turtle module already runs some demo when invoked as a script
> -- maybe this can be made to fire up the demo viewer instead?

Yes, I wanted to do that as well.  Note that in this case, it would be
natural to move code into turtle/   I would
also like to be able to run individual tdemo_* scripts without the
demo viewer or with an alternative viewer.  Some naming decisions have
to be made for that as well:

$ python -m turtle.tdemo_chaos
$ python -m turtle.demo.chaos
$ python -m turtledemo.tdemo_chaos
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