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Re disabling interning in PyDict_SetItemString:

A comment in unicodeobject.c says that globals should not be used
before calling _PyUnicode_Init. But in Py_InitializeEx (pythonrun.c)
_PyUnicode_Init is called after _Py_ReadyTypes, _PyFrame_Init,
_PyLong_Init, PyByteArray_Init and _PyFloat_Init.

In fact, when I move _PyUnicode_Init up, the error concerning
_PyFloat_Init disappears.

Problem is, PyType_Ready also uses PyDict_SetItemString, but I
presume that _Py_ReadyTypes has to be called before anything else.
In that case it would be unavoidable that PyDict_SetItemString is
used before _PyUnicode_Init, and it might be a good idea to disable
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