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Date 2010-10-21.14:15:05
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Stephen Hansen wrote:
> Stephen Hansen <> added the comment:
> Mark, the locals() right before "if encoding:" (line 399) are:
>>>> locale.normalize("en_US.UTF-8")
> {'code': 'en_US.ISO8859-1', 'langname': 'en_US', 'encoding': 'UTF8', 'norm_encoding': 'utf_8', 'defenc': 'ISO8859-1', 'localename': 'en_US.UTF-8', 'lookup_name': 'en_us.utf-8', 'fullname': 'en_us.utf-8'}
> 'en_US.UTF8'


Line 646 in the alias table is wrong:

    'utf_8':                        'UTF8',

should read:

    'utf_8':                        'UTF-8',

I wonder why this wasn't reported earlier - did the GlibC change
the UTF-8 spelling at some point ? I do vaguely remember that I
had to remove the hyphen due to problems with setlocale() not
accepting 'UTF-8', but that was at the time I wrote that part
of, i.e. many years ago.

It doesn't appear to be necessary anymore. I checked on openSUSE
10.3 and 11.3. Both work fine with 'UTF-8' and 'UTF8'.
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