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Date 2010-10-20.19:37:21
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I was looking at the MSDN pages linked to above, and these two
pages seemed to suggest that Unicode characters appearing in DNS
names represented UTF-8 sequences, and that Windows allowed such
non-ASCII byte sequences in the DNS by default:

(See the discussion of DNS_ERROR_NON_RFC_NAME in the latter.)
Can anyone confirm if this is the case?

The BSD-style gethostname() function can't be returning UTF-8,
though, or else the "Nötkötti" example above would have been
decoded successfully, given that Python currently uses

Also, if GetComputerNameEx() only offers a choice of DNS names or
NetBIOS names, and both are byte-oriented underneath (that was my
reading of the "Computer Names" page), then presumably there
shouldn't be a problem with mapping the result to a bytes
equivalent when necessary?
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