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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-10-17.19:20:54
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Updated list of failing test with py3k and a non-ascii path:
 * Linux, LANG=C: test_gc test_gdb test_runpy test_zipimport
 * Windows: test_email test_httpservers test_zipimport

Possible reasons:
 * test_httpservers (CGIHTTPServerTestCase.setUp): test should be skipped if sys.executable is not pure ASCII (and it's not possible to create ASCII path using a symlink)
 * test_zipimport: zipimport uses utf-8 (in strict mode) for the prefix, instead of the filesystem encoding
 * test_gc (test_get_count): "The following two tests are fragile: ..." :-/
 * test_gdb: libpython doesn't support surrogates if paths
 * test_email: issue with the end of line (\n vs \r\n?)
 * test_runpy: ?
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