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Author vinay.sajip
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Date 2010-10-09.19:04:09
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David, I don't think it's that - I think it's the subprocess comms. This works:

    def _do_test(self, program, exc_text):
        with open(self.testfn, 'w') as testmod:
        p = subprocess.Popen([sys.executable, ''],
        streams = p.communicate()
        v1 = streams[1].decode('utf-8') # this shouldn't be hardcoded!
        v2 = exc_text.format(exception_action=self.exception_action)
        self.assertEqual(v1, v2)

But I don't think the 'utf-8' encoding should be hardcoded. Not sure what to use - sys.getfilesystemencoding()? locale.getpreferredencoding()? 

Decisions, decisions :-(
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