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I'd rather not reopen this issue. It was too far-ranging, and has failed to get a specific solution. Please stop posting to this closed issue; if you want to contribute, please open a new one.

I think the inclusion of the module should see a discussion on python-dev first. It then also needs to be code-reviewed, which in turn needs a committer who either volunteers to do all this work, or who is willing to take the recommendation of some other reviewer.

My shallow review of the module is I would prefer to see the code structure revised. For example, c.h should go, spt_config.h should be integrated with autoconf, strlpcpy.c should go, spt_setup.c should go (IIUC) - IOW, this would need to be reformulated as a patch to the Python source tree. Of course, I can understand if Daniele would only start doing so if there was a chance that the functionality and approach is actually acceptable.
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