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Date 2010-09-04.18:14:04
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Terry: I agree that augmented assignement should be described better in the language reference.  I guess that would warrant opening another issue?

However I tend to think that the term "in-place operation" is a good one.


- the reference of "(See section Primaries for the syntax definitions for the last three symbols.)" is probably there to point to the definition of what can go on the left side of the augmented assignement symbol (what used to be called an "lvalue")

- "With the exception of assigning to tuples ": this refers to the fact that whereas x, y, z = l is correct syntax, x, y, z += l isn't.

Raymond: I agree that the operator doc would be clearer if better structured.

So I put forward another patch to operator.rst, structuring it more clearly and providing a more detailed introduction to the "In-place operations" section, but not trying to detail the workings of augmented assignement in general.
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