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> Important tools (like ease_install, pypm) from `Script` directory are
> already including version prefixes in their names (tool-2.7.exe).
> This means that it should not be a big problem having several Scripts
> directories on your path.

Just adding all Script directories to the path would penalize those projects who don't add versions to their file names. We should not do that.

If we're going to add any type of path manipulation, it should have the options to replace existing paths, append existing paths, or do nothing.

> Most python users are not installing several versions, but we could
> expect that most of them will want to run a tool from scripts.

Neither of these are true from my experience. Since 3.0 came out, I have always had a 2.x and 3.x installed concurrently, and come across many coworkers who have numerous versions installed. As for most people using something in Scripts, I've rarely interacted with anyone who uses it or knows about it besides myself.
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