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Date 2010-08-23.22:48:14
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> Is this patch in response to an actual problem, or a theoretical problem?
> If "actual problem": what was the specific application, and what was the specific host name?

It's about environments, not applications - the local network may
be configured with non-ASCII bytes in hostnames (either in the
local DNS *or* a different lookup mechanism - I mentioned
/etc/hosts as a simple example), or someone might deliberately
connect from a garbage hostname as a denial of service attack
against a server which tries to look it up with gethostbyaddr()
or whatever (this may require a "non-strict" resolver library, as
noted above).

> If theoretical, I recommend to close it as "won't fix". I find it perfectly reasonable if Python's socket module gives an error if the hostname can't be clearly decoded. Applications that run into it as a result of gethostbyaddr should treat that as "no reverse name available".

There are two points here.  One is that the decoding can fail; I
do think that programmers will find this surprising, and the fact
that Python refuses to return what was actually received is a
regression compared to 2.x.

The other is that the encoding and decoding are not symmetric -
hostnames are being decoded with UTF-8 but encoded with IDNA.
That means that when a decoded hostname contains a non-ASCII
character which is not prohibited by IDNA/Nameprep, that string
will, when used in a subsequent call, not refer to the hostname
that was actually received, because it will be re-encoded using a
different codec.

Attaching a refreshed version of try-surrogateescape-first.diff.
I've separated out the change to getnameinfo() as it may be
superfluous (issue #1027206).
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