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Date 2010-08-20.19:41:13
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> Are you talking about ...
I have read no line of code from urllib module. I just try to use urllib.urlopen() and I see it uses not only http_proxy but also HTTP_PROXY and urlopen() prefers the latter variable.

Let's consider a two-lines sample
import urllib

Some tests:

$ http_proxy= HTTP_PROXY=
['<!DOCTYPE HTML ... \n']

$ http_proxy=lower:80 HTTP_PROXY=
IOError: invalid proxy for http: 'lower:80'

$ http_proxy= HTTP_PROXY=UPPER:80
IOError: invalid proxy for http: 'UPPER:80'

$ http_proxy=lower:80 HTTP_PROXY=UPPER:80
IOError: invalid proxy for http: 'UPPER:80'

> a specific change in a specific place
place: 20.5.1, paragraph 7 (the only one where *_proxy are discussed)
change: add some words about HTTP_PROXY and maybe about FTP_PROXY

> does urllib2.urlopen ... (in 3.x)
I don't have Python 3.x so I can't say anything.
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