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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-08-19.12:02:23
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mbcs codec functions are surrounded by:

#if defined(MS_WINDOWS) && defined(HAVE_USABLE_WCHAR_T)
(especially in unicodeobject.c and _codecsmodule.c)


#ifdef MS_WIN32
(in unicodeobject.h)


#if defined(MS_WINDOWS) && !defined(__BORLANDC__)
(in timemodule.c)

I think that all of these tests are wrong. We should just check that we are compiling under Windows: mbcs functions don't use the wchar_t type. And it's better to use the same test in all tests (MS_WIN32 vs MS_WINDOWS).

Attached patch replaces all #ifdef (except the one in timemodule.c because I don't know what to do with the BORLAND check, does anyone use this compiler?).

I suppose that my patch doesn't change anything in pratice because mbcs is used in many places and noboby complained that mbcs encoding was missing on Windows.
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