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Date 2010-08-15.22:52:07
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If you manage to type several simple statements into the prompt (by copy-pasting them, using Ctrl+J, or creative deletion), IDLE runs the first one and silently ignores the rest:

>>> x = 1
x = 2
>>> x

Moreover, it doesn't even parse the additional lines:

>>> x = 3
$@syntax error?!
>>> x

If the first statement is a compound statement, IDLE refuses with a SyntaxError at the begging of the second statement:

>>> def f():
	return 42
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I believe in both cases the right least-surprise behavior is to run all statements.

If not, a clear error explaining that IDLE doesn't support multiple statements must be printed.  But I can't see a reason to choose this over making it Just Work.

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