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We aren't talking about *removing* these methods from unittest - but now that we have standardised on assertEqual for the Python test suite it is annoying (particularly for Ezio who changes) when *new* tests are checked in using the old (deprecated-but-not-actually-deprecated) methods.

As deprecation warnings are now silent by default deprecating these old methods would only affect developers who run their tests specifically looking for information like this. Making the change is also a single "search and replace" across a code-base, so not a difficult change.

Actually whether or not we deprecate these methods in unittest itself is one question (I'm only +0 on that - I don't really care if they live for ever in general and Raymond's response can be read as a strong +1 for that). What Ezio *really* wants is to have these methods raise errors if used during *regrtest* runs, so that core-Python developers no longer use them. That I am fine with - although we would need some way for the tests for these methods themselves to actually run.
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