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Date 2010-08-07.02:19:58
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If you are talking about assertNotEquals, assertAlmostEquals, and assertAlmostNotEquals they should go as well (I didn't even know they existed). assert_ is probably used more often, but I'd deprecate it too.
Note that in the 2.7 and 3.2 doc assert_ is already marked as deprecated, and the other methods are not documented.

The plan is:
 1) replace all the occurrences of assertEquals, assertNotEquals, assertAlmostEquals, assertAlmostNotEquals, assert_ in the Python test suite with assertEqual, assertNotEqual, assertAlmostEqual, assertAlmostNotEqual, assertTrue;
 2) deprecate assertEquals, assertNotEquals, assertAlmostEquals, assertAlmostNotEquals, assert_;
 3) patch to raise an error when these methods are used, in order to avoid that they sneak in again in the Python test suite.
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