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Author alfmel
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Date 2010-08-05.06:28:00
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Sorry.  This is my first submission to Python, so I'm learning the process as I go.

This latest patch is done against today's SVN snapshot.  Just to summarize, it does the following:

  * Updates the main module to make it RFC 5321 compliant:
    - Adds EHLO support
    - Provides basic VRFY support
    - Updated messages (more in line with RFC 5321 examples)

  * Adds additional functionality to
    - Adds HELP support
    - Implements DATA size limits (optional feature -- backward compatible)
    - 8BITMIME extension plubming

  * Fixes setuid bug in as explained in issue 9168

  * Updates to test new functionality

  * Updates to work with updates to

Again, please review and comment as necessary.
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