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Date 2010-07-29.17:11:44
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Le jeudi 29 juillet 2010 03:08:27, Ezio Melotti a écrit :
> A quick search[0] also shows that is used by several projects.

_Environ is a wrapper on data: call putenv() when a value is changed and 
unputenv() when a value is removed. Since os.environb, it does also convert 
key and value types. So .data should not be used directly.

It looks like a common usage of .data is to get get to "a real dict" (and not 
"an user dict"). I think that or can be 
replaced by dict(os.environ) is that case.

> Changing it from str to bytes will most likely break these programs,

I'm not sure of that. It looks (in the search result) that is 
just stored and passed to a function, but not used as a dictionary to get a 
value (well, I'm not sure because it's hard to say with just 3 lines of the 
program). In that case, it doesn't matter if the dictionary contains byte or 
unicode strings.

Eg. zope2instance:

  old_env =
  ... = old_env

It does still work with bytes.

> so I'm not sure it's a good idea

Yes, it's not a good idea to use .data :-) This attribute should be protected, 
not public (even if it is not documented).

> IMHO should contain str, whereas
> bytes.

data is shared between os.environ and os.environb, because data is the 
solution to synchronize both dictionaries.

> If they must share the same data I would prefer them to be both
> str.

No, data should use the native type: bytes on UNIX and BSD, str on Windows.


If you still consider that the change on .data as a bug, I think that the fix 
is to remove .data (mark it as protected: => environ._data).
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