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Brian, thanks for the fix and for testing.  I am attaching a commit-ready patch issue7989e.diff, that includes Brian's fix and a few white-space changes.

I hope I've resolved the SVN issue:  I was working in a read-only checkout while sandbox checkout was read/write.

Here is the svn status now:

M       PCbuild/pythoncore.vcproj
M       Misc/NEWS
M       PC/config.c
A  +    Lib/
A  +    Lib/test/
M       Lib/test/
A  +    Modules/_datetimemodule.c
D       Modules/datetimemodule.c
M       Modules/Setup.dist

Note that unlike previous patches, issue7989e.diff, contains only differences compared to sandbox.  You should do

svn cp svn+ssh:// Lib

before it can be applied.  Depending on your patch utility, you may also need to do

svn cp Lib/test/ Lib/test/

I am running final tests and will commit this patch shortly.
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