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Date 2010-07-22.19:18:15
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An elaborate PEP for generic functions already exists, PEP 3124 []. Also note the reasons for
deferment. I'd be interested in creating a "more limited" generic function
implementation based on this PEP, minus func_code rewriting and the other
fancier items. Sadly I won't have any bandwidth to work on it until January
of next year.

I'd vote for keeping this issue open because of that.

On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 5:45 AM, Antoine Pitrou <>wrote:

> Antoine Pitrou <> added the comment:
> Generic functions are a lesser-known paradigm than OO, and nowhere do
> common Python documents (including the official docs) try to teach them.
> That means the first public appearance of generic functions in the stdlib
> should really be well thought out if we don't want to encourage poor
> practices. I agree with Guido that a PEP is required to flesh out all the
> details.
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