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Date 2010-07-21.09:26:14
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>At first glance, looks like there are a number of sites where you don't >change the blocking calls to non-blocking calls (e.g. get()).  Almost >all of the get()s have the potential to be called when there is no >possibility for them to terminate.
>I might recommend referring to my original termination.patch... I >believe I tracked down the majority of such blocking calls.

I thought the EOF errors would take care of that, at least this has
been running in production on many platforms without that happening.

>In the interest of simplicity though, I'm beginning to think that the >right answer might be to just do something like termination.patch but >to conditionalize crashing the pool on a pool configuration option.  >That way the behavior would no worse for your use case.  Does that >sound reasonable?

How would you shut down the pool then? And why is that simpler?
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