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Author skrah
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Date 2010-07-14.12:05:12
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So you have garbage from stderr in readline_termcap_lib. Since that's
useless anyway (no matter what locale is set), let's check the return
value of os.system().

The attached patch skips readline linkage detection if ldd fails. In
that case, linking will be done in the same manner as before r81830.

Please report if the patch allows you to build py3k in the problematic

Your method of detecting readline linkage looks interesting, but I
doubt that I'm going to implement it: These cross platform issues
take an *immense* amount of time, since you have to test on all
buildbot platforms (+ OpenBSD and OpenSolaris), with different
compilers (icc, suncc).

If you want that done, the best way is to open another issue, submit a
patch (probably for _and_ do all the testing.
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