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Matthew, I'd like to see at least some of these features in 3.2, but ISTM that after more than 2 years this issue is not going anywhere.
Is the module still under active development? Is it "ready"? Is it waiting for reviews and to be added to the stdlib? Is it waiting for more people to test it on PyPI?
If the final goal is adding it to the stdlib, are you planning to add it as a new module or to replace the current 're' module? (or is 'regex' just the 're' module with improvements that could be merged?)
Another alternative would be to split it in smaller patches (ideally one per feature) and integrate them one by one, but IIRC several of the patches depend on each other so it can't be done easily.

Unless there is already a plan about this (and I'm not aware of it), I'd suggest to bring this up to python-dev and decide what to do with the 'regex' module.
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