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Date 2010-06-28.17:20:50
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I am attaching a patch which focuses on fixing _pickle behavior.   I opened a separate issue9102 to deal with pybench specific problems.


I am reassigning this issue to myself and assigning issue9102 to you.  I hope you don't mind.

My patch attempts to emulate 2.x PyInstance_NewRaw with a call to tp_alloc.  I considered using tp_new, but although __new__ is not special for classic classes, there is nothing to prevent users to define __new__ in their classic classes or add __new__ when they port these classes to 3.x.  (BTW, I wonder what 2to3 does if classic class has __new__ defined.)  This is slightly unorthodox use of tp_alloc, so I will follow up with a question on python-dev.
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