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Date 2010-06-22.21:34:16
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Whoops, sorry to create confusion when I was trying to put this issue to rest completely. Let me try better. 

In his last message, Raymond said "Other possible wording:
 ... so that ``k`` is approximately ``1 + int(log(abs(x), 2))``."

That is what the current 2.7rc2 doc says.

In response, Mark said "I guess that could work." but quoted footnote 2, which implied that 'int' should be changed to 'trunc' in the example above. 

This implied to me that there was a lingering .numbits doc issue.
But footnote 2 is now changed, so I not longer think there is a doc issue, so I reported that, so no one else would think so.

I hope this is the end of this.
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