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Date 2010-06-22.18:00:01
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So there are two issues here:

 - deprecation of int(my_float) and long(my_float)
 - removal of long in 3.x

I'm not sure which Terry is referring to here.

On the first, I don't think use of int() with float arguments actually *is* deprecated in any meaningful way.  At one point there was a push (related to PEP 3141) to deprecate truncating uses of int and introduce a new builtin trunk, but it never really took hold (and trunc ended up being relegated to the math module0;  I certainly don't expect to see such deprecation happen within the lifetime of Python 3.x, so I don't think it would be appropriate to mention it in the 2.x docs.

On the second, it's possible that there should be a mention somewhere in the 2.x docs that long() no longer exists in 3.x, and that for almost all uses int() works just as well.  A separate issue should probably be opened for this.
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