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Author eric.araujo
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Date 2010-06-22.10:56:10
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1) Okay, so I’ll refactor some code in patchcheck into a grep-like function to reduce duplication and support adding new checks.

2) I’ll add more useful report. Perhaps I’ll ask first on python-dev to see if I should add a command-line option or just improve it. Also, whether I should use logging or just output file names and lines.

3) Well, if your editor strips trailing spaces and adds final newlines, you won’t ever see make patchcheck complain, will you? Since the report will be helpful only to people with less smart editors, I think I’ll go with replacing instead of just reporting. Tabs will not be replaced, though, just reported.

4) See attached patch for py3k (no idea if this will go into 2.7 too).
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