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Date 2010-06-16.19:45:02
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Hi Clovis

Ok, I did not check if your split string function check for spaces or not, sorry for that. 

In my first post I mentioned this:-

"2. We have different versions of Python installed in our Lab machines, some have 2.5 and others got 2.6. If I run the code using the version2.6 workaround on a machine with version2.5, obviously it gives an error!!"

Infact I started out using your split string function but it was on a machine with Python2.6. It worked fine. Then I ran the same code on a machine with version Python2.5 and it threw an error when I tried calling your function, because the argument I passed to your function was already a tuple and not a string!! (I hope I could explain without confusing)

I would prefer my code to have some level of downward compatibility (to be able to run on Python of lower versions). Thats the reason I prefer to use the 'splitlist' method from Tkinter, as I dont need to change my code for different Python versions.

Best Regards
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