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Date 2010-06-15.10:08:12
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Thanks for the helpful reviews. I have fixed the trailing whitespace check with “line[-2:-1].isspace()”, but I have a bug with my file counting. Before I go further, I’d like feedback from people using patchcheck:

1) Reindenting Python is a task best handled by, but checking for tabs, line length and trailing whitespace is basically a reimplementation of grep and wc. Is it an explicit and important goal that be independent of external tools?

2) Do you like the current report format? (“checking for one thing: n files”) It requires you to use grep of your editor’s search after checking. What about printing out file names and line numbers?

3) What about a function to strip trailing spaces and add a final newline where needed instead of just complaining? Is it okay to replace tabs with spaces in C too?
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