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The documentation of PyArg_Parse*() number formats specify that only int / float / complex are accepted, whereas any int / float / complex compatible object is accepted. "compatible" means that it has an __int__() / __float__() / __complex__() method, or nb_int / nb_float of Py_TYPE(obj)->tp_as_number->nb_int is defined (tp_as_number has no nb_complex).

I suppose that the following paragraph is also outdated:

"It is possible to pass "long" integers (integers whose value exceeds the
 platform's :const:`LONG_MAX`) however no proper range checking is done --- the
 most significant bits are silently truncated when the receiving field is too
 small to receive the value (actually, the semantics are inherited from downcasts
 in C --- your mileage may vary)."

Moreover, "without overflow checking" should be explained (Mark told me that the number is truncated to a power of 2).
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