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Date 2010-06-08.08:02:36
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Brett Cannon wrote:
> Brett Cannon <> added the comment:
> So I see a couple of objections here to the idea that I will try to address.
> First is MAL's thinking that this will undo any C code, which it won't. The idea is that stdlib modules that do not inherently rely on other C code (e.g. sqlite3 does not fall underneath this) would have a pure Python implementation with possible C enhancements. In the case of datetime that  code is done, so it won't go anywhere. In this case it would be bringing in a pure Python implementation like the one PyPy maintains. You can look at heapq if you want an existing example of what it looks like to maintain a pure Python and C version of a module.

So the proposal is to have something like we have for pickle, with
cPickle being the fast version and the slow Python one ?

Since no CPython would use the Python version, who would be supporting
the Python-only version ?
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