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Date 2010-06-05.16:00:45
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On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 11:35 AM, anatoly techtonik
<> wrote:
> s/datetime/date\/time/ in the last sentence, as the complication comes  from:
> -- start offtopic --
> 1. the vast amount of various date and time modules/functions

"Vast" is a bit of overstatement.  It is mostly the datetime and time
module with a little bit in a less used calendar module.   I believe a
stated goal is to gradually remove the need for time module in
date/time manipulation and possibly fold it into posix module.

Can you be more specific?  The biggest omission, IMO, is the lack of
time zone support, but this is being worked on.  See  issue5094.

> I still hardly believe that there is no way to get current TZ offset given that every OS provides such information.

See issue1647654.
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