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For the allowable range, follow the datetime docs as someone might be relying on that specification already.

As for the ongoing DST debate, it seems we either need to say that since we cannot properly support all possible datetimes properly we should simply not even try, fixed offset or not, or we provide a class that gives the proper UTC offset, but in no way adjusts itself as people might expect or want. I'm arguing for the former, Alexander wants the latter.

I still stand by my argument that it is not needed for the two use cases that we concretely have in the stdlib for a timezone class: a UTC instance and %z directive in strptime. Unless there is some way for the %z directive to specify that it is actually DST, I still think the functionality of the class should be kept to a functional minimum for our needs and let people needing more support, including fixed offset DST, decide how they want to handle it. I can still see a naive user thinking that DST is the same around the world and being taken by surprise when thing don't adjust accordingly by the timezone when he does ``timezone("PDT", 7, dst=True)``. Plus giving people any semblance of a DST-supporting timezone class is just going to lead for more calls of the stdlib to include concrete timezone instances that do manage DST.

Unless other people step forward to debate this we probably are not going to reach consensus without going to python-dev to see what others think.
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