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R. David Murray wrote:
> R. David Murray <> added the comment:
> For various reasons the email module has a table of character sets.  What might be most effective would be for the email module to look a character set name up in the codecs module and find out the cannonical name of the character set, and then look that up in its table (ie: remove the aliases table from email completely, and instead depend on codecs to resolve the cannonical name).  Unfortunately the codecs module does not recognize all of the aliases used by email, nor is there necessarily any guarantee that the two modules will agree on the proper cannonical name.

I think that the encodings package should be the only source of
valid aliases and encoding names - after all, you wouldn't be
able to process email content using names or aliases not
appearing in the encodings package tables.

If there are aliases missing, then we can add them there.

If the email packages needs different canonical names, it can apply
its own map on the canonical names returned by the encodings package.
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