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Date 2010-05-28.13:20:50
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> > I’d be grateful if someone could post links to discussion
> > about the removal of codecs like hex and rot13
> r55932 (~3 years ago):

That was my commit. ;)

> Thanks for the link. Do you have a pointer to the PEP or ML thread
> discussing that change?

The removal is documented here:

We are adopting a slightly different approach to codecs: while in Python 2, codecs can accept either Unicode or 8-bits as input and produce either as output, in Py3k, encoding is always a translation from a Unicode (text) string to an array of bytes, and decoding always goes the opposite direction. This means that we had to drop a few codecs that don't fit in this model, for example rot13, base64 and bz2 (those conversions are still supported, just not through the encode/decode API).

A post by Georg Brandl about this is at

(Note that this thread began in private email between Guido, MvL, Georg and myself. If needed I can dig up the emails.)
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