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> > Oh, and by the way, you should probably shut down PyPI, since there are
> > certainly Python wrappers for LGPL'ed libraries there (or even GPL'ed
> > one), and you aren't offering a link to download those libraries' source
> > code either.
> This is off-topic for this bug tracker. Please remain objective and 
> professional if you can manage to.

This whole subthread was already off-topic (since it was pointed out,
before your previous message, that the underlying lib is in the public

Actually, I would argue that the whole idea of promoting a rigorous
interpretation of a license has no place on the bug tracker. It makes no
sense to do this on an ad hoc fashion, especially if you want lawyers to
be involved (they are certainly not reading this).

(of course, you will also have understood that I disagree with such a
rigorous interpretation)

> Not sure what you are referring to. We don't provide the sources for the 
> OpenSSL libraries along with the Windows installer, because the license 
> of OpenSSL doesn't require us to. This is very convenient for our users.

This was not about providing the sources together with the installer
(which even the GPL or the LGPL don't require to do), but providing them
as a separate bundle on the download site.
We do have a copy of the OpenSSL source tree somewhere, it is used by
the Windows build process.
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