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> Can you tell me where you are currently providing the source code for
> the readline library, or the gdbm library?

We don't, as they aren't included in the Windows distribution. The 
readline library doesn't work on Windows, anyway, and instead of gdbm, 
we had traditionally been distributing bsddb instead on Windows.

> Oh, and by the way, you should probably shut down PyPI, since there are
> certainly Python wrappers for LGPL'ed libraries there (or even GPL'ed
> one), and you aren't offering a link to download those libraries' source
> code either.

This is off-topic for this bug tracker. Please remain objective and 
professional if you can manage to.

> You seem to have no problem "conveying" copies for the source code of
> non-LGPL libraries such as OpenSSL. Why is that?

Not sure what you are referring to. We don't provide the sources for the 
OpenSSL libraries along with the Windows installer, because the license 
of OpenSSL doesn't require us to. This is very convenient for our users.
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