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Date 2010-05-26.17:44:03
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Am 26.05.2010 10:51, schrieb Antoine Pitrou:
> Antoine Pitrou<>  added the comment:
>> If the underlying library is LGPL, it would
>> require us to distribute its sources along with the Windows binaries,
>> which I'm not willing to do.
> Martin, this is wrong, you don't have to bundle the source *in* the object code package.

That's why I said "along". I'm still not willing to do that: making the 
source available is still inconvenient. More importantly, anybody 
redistributing Python binaries would have to comply also (e.g. on 
CD-ROMs or py2exe binaries); this is a burden I don't want to impose
on our users. Fortunately, we don't have to, as the LZMA compression 
itself is in the public domain. For the Python wrapper, I hope that 
somebody contributes such a module under a PSF contributor agreement.
If nobody else does, I may write one from scratch one day.
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