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Date 2010-05-26.17:09:09
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Shouldn't the title be updated to indicate the fnmatch is the true source of the behavior (I'm basing this on indicating the fnmatch is invoked by glob).  I'm not using glob, but fnmatch in my attempt to find filenames that look like "Ajax_[version2].txt".  

If nothing else, it would have helped me if the documentation would state whether or not the brackets could be escaped.  It doesn't appear from my tests (trying "Ajax_\[version2\].txt" and "Ajax_\\[version2\\].txt") that 'escaping' is possible, but if the filter pattern gets turned into a regular expression, I think escaping *would* be possible.  Is that a reasonable assumption?

I'm running 2.5.1 under Windows, and this is my first ever post to the bugs list.
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