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> I'm the author of the pyliblzma module, and if desired, I'd be happy
> to help out adapting pyliblzma for inclusion with python.
> Most of it's code is based on bz2module.c, so it shouldn't be very far
> away from being good 'nuff.

Well, I wouldn't say bz2module is the best module out there, but as you
say it's probably good enough :) And we can help you fix things if

Is pyliblzma compatible with Python 3.x? It's too late to incorporate
any new feature in Python 2.x now.

> * While most of the liblzma API has been implemented, support for
> multiple/alternate filters still remains to be implemented. When done
> it will also cause some breakage with the current pyliblzma API.

Hmm, then perhaps you should first fix the current API so that adding
new features doesn't force you to break the API again. There are strict
rules for API breakage in the standard library.

By the way, adding a new module to the stdlib probably requires writing
a PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal). I wouldn't expect this very
proposal to be controversial, but someone has to do it.

Finally, when a module is in the stdlib, it is expected that maintenance
primarily happens in the Python SVN (or Mercurial) tree. We have a
couple of externally-maintained modules, but they're a source of
problems for us.
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