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ah, you're right, I forgot that the license for the library had changed as well (motivated by attempt of pleasing BSD people IIRC;), in the past the library was LGPL while only the 'xz' util was public domain..

For my code, feel free to use your own/any other license you'd like or even public domain (if the license of bz2module.c that much of it's derived from permits of course)!

I guess everyone should be happy now then. :)

Btw. for review, I think the code already available should be pretty much good 'nuff for an initial review. Some feedback on things not derived from bz2module.c would be nice, especially the LZMAOptions class would be nice as it's where most of the remaining work required for adding additional filters support. Would kinda blow if I did the work using an approach that would be dismissed as utterly rubbish. ;)

Oh well, it's out there available for anyone already, I probably won't(/shouldn't;) have time for it in a month at least, do as you please meanwhile. :)
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