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Date 2010-05-15.12:39:03
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I introduced initfsencoding() in #8610 to ensure that Py_FileSystemEncoding is not more NULL. In the discussion, Marc Lemburg noticed that falling back the UTF-8 on nl_langinfo(CODESET) error is a bad idea: ASCII is better (I agree).

We cannot fall back to ASCII yet because there are two other problems that have to be fixed before that:

 - Python3 doesn't support surrogates in module filenames: see #8611
 - If Py_FileSystemEncoding is NULL, encoding functions fallback to utf-8 (PyUnicode_GetDefaultEncoding()). #8715 proposes a new PyUnicode_EncodeFSDefault() function to fix this problem

Attached patch is a partial fix for this issue.
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