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Date 2010-05-10.13:43:22
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SVN commit r64114 added integer overflow checks to multiple modules.  Checks added to audioop module are incorrect and can still be bypassed:

- audioop_tostereo - should be fine, but relies on undefined behaviour
- audioop_lin2lin - undetected overflow: size=1, size2=4, len=0x40000001
- audioop_ratecv - undetected overflow: nchannels=0x5fffffff (32bit)
- audioop_ulaw2lin - undetected overflow: size=4, len=0x40000001
- audioop_alaw2lin - same as audioop_ulaw2lin
- audioop_adpcm2lin - undetected overflow: size=4, len=0x20000001

Most of these are triggered by large fragment as an input.

Attached patch replaces checks added in r64114 by checks using INT_MAX.
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