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Author daniel.urban
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Date 2010-05-09.18:13:24
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Here is a new patch.

The name of the optional argument is "default_utcoffset" which is obviously too long, but I can't think a better name. Any suggestions? (I think simply "utcoffset" would be misleading, because the value of the argument is only used for naive instances.)

In Modules/datetimemodule.c (in line 4375) I call Py_INCREF on the PyUnicode instance returned by PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords. I'm not sure this is the right thing to do. I'm doing it because the doc says that the reference count of an object returned by PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords shouldn't be decremented, and I think PyUnicode_AppendAndDel calls Py_XDECREF on its second argument.
Can anyone correct or confirm me on this? Thanks.
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