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Author stutzbach
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Date 2010-05-08.15:01:05
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On Sat, May 8, 2010 at 5:03 AM, Marc-Andre Lemburg
<> wrote:
> If you can propose a different method of reliably protecting against
> mixed Unicode build module loads, that would be great. We could then
> get rid off the wrapping altogether.

The following code will cause a link error 100% of the time iff
there's a mismatch:

#define _Py_Unicode_Build_Symbol _Py_UCS2_Build_Symbol
#define _Py_Unicode_Build_Symbol _Py_UCS4_Build_Symbol
extern int _Py_Unicode_Build_Symbol; /* Defined in unicodeobject.c */
static int *_Py_Unicode_Build_Symbol_Check = &_Py_Unicode_Build_Symbol;

In practice, I'd surrounded it with a bunch #ifdefs to disable the
"defined but not used" warning in gcc and MSVC.

> Please note that UCS2 and UCS4 builds of Python are different in
> more ways than just the underlying Py_UNICODE type. E.g. UCS2 builds
> use surrogates when converting between Unicode and bytes which
> UCS4 don't, sys.maxunicode is different, range checks use different
> bounds, unichr() behaves differently, etc. etc.

That's true, but those differences are visible from pure-Python code
as well aren't they?
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