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Date 2010-05-05.23:35:10
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> Alexander, do you want to tackle the 2.6 backport?

I've never done a maintenance branch backport, but here is my attempt:

1. Checkout release26-maint
2. Apply 80757:80758 diff, fix rejected NEWS patch
3. Ignore 80838:80839 diff - small floats are accepted in 2.6 range.
4. Replace small float with large float in bad argument tests.  
5. make; make test; make patchcheck

I could probably use svn merge instead of svn diff + patch.  Did I miss anything important?

BTW, I've discovered "make patchcheck", does it check C files white space issues or only python files?


I've sent you two emails off the tracker, but it looks like they did not make it through your spam filters.
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