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Author Alexander.Belopolsky
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Date 2010-05-04.12:41:25
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I see. Let me take a look.

BTW, I tried to use tabs for indentation in the patch, but emacs was  
not always happy about it. Is there some c-mode setting that I don't  
know about that would take care of that?

On May 4, 2010, at 8:34 AM, Mark Dickinson <>  

> Mark Dickinson <> added the comment:
> Hi Alexander,
> I took the liberty of messing with your patch slightly;  I didn't  
> want to ask you to make further changes since the patch was fine,  
> and my messing was mostly just to satisfy my own fussiness (only the  
> first two items were really necessary):
> Minor updates:
> - add Misc/NEWS entry
> - remove trailing whitespace and fix spaces that should have been a  
> tab
> - added some extra tests to check all possible combinations of bad
>   arguments, purely to check for refcounting problems
> - initialize low to NULL, to match the Py_XDECREF(low) (could change
>   that Py_XDECREF to Py_DECREF instead, but the code's more resistant
>   to random refactorings this way --- see next item :)
> - randomly refactor:  regroup blocks for ease of reading
> - don't do PyLong_FromLong(1) until it's needed ('zero' is different,
>   since it's always used in the non-error case)
> - [micro-optimization]: don't pass a known zero value to
>   get_range_long_argument
> Any objections or comments?  Can I apply this version of the patch?
> ----------
> Added file:
> _______________________________________
> Python tracker <>
> <>
> _______________________________________
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