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Date 2010-05-03.22:36:17
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> Using os.getenvb(), you can decode the string using the right
> encoding (which may be different for each variable).

Ok. If that's the motivation, the documentation should make that
clear (there isn't any documentation in the patch, anyway). I'm
worried that people start processing the bytes as-is (i.e. without
decoding them), and then start complaining that this and that library
doesn't support bytes. Then they start complaining that you can't
mix bytes and Unicode...

I also worry that people won't get it right any better than Python:
when they find that it doesn't work, they ask what to do, and people
will tell them decode with "iso-8859-1" (say). Then they do that,
and end up in moji-bake the next day.
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