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Author dangyogi
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Date 2010-05-03.17:51:52
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I have also hit this error.  I went to report it but found it already entered (good news), but not resolved from nearly a year ago (bad news).

The error masked another bug that I had in my program and it took me quite awhile to figure out what the real problem was.

I use *generator arguments quite a lot, so was surprised to see the error.  So I, for one, can say that if you disable *generator arguments, you will break existing code.

If anybody cares, I have verified that this error also appears in Python2.5 and Python2.4 and am attempting to add python2.5 to the Versions list.  (And yes, *generators were allowed in Python2.4!)

Is this headed for resolution?  Progress on it seems to have stalled nearly a year ago.  Can I vote to revive this?
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