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Author daniel.urban
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Date 2010-04-30.12:05:56
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> The point is that your implementation doesn't allow people to generate
> 'Z'-ending timestamp if they need a subset of rfc3339.

That is exactly right. Do you have any suggestion, how to do that? Maybe an optional argument to the rfcformat method? Something like:

def new_rfcformat(self, default_utcoffset='-00:00'):
    if we_know_the_utc_offset:
        return self.rfcformat() # the method in my current patch
        return self.isoformat() + default_utcoffset

This way, if somebody want 'Z' instead of '-00:00', just calls the method like this:


Though this way '+00:00' wouldn't get replaced by 'Z'. 
Any suggestions?
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