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On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 12:23 PM, Charles-Francois Natali wrote:

> @nirai
> I have some more remarks on your patch:
> - /* Diff timestamp capping results to protect against clock differences
>  * between cores. */
> _LOCAL(long double) _bfs_diff_ts(long double ts1, long double ts0) {
> I'm not sure I understand. You can have problem with multiple cores when reading directly the 
> TSC register, but that doesn't affect gettimeofday. gettimeofday should be reliable and accurate 
> (unless the OS is broken of course), the only issue is that since it's wall clock time, if a process 
> like ntpd is running, then you'll run into problem

I think gettimeofday() might return different results on different cores as result of kernel/hardware problems or clock drift issues in VM environments:

In Windows the high-precision counter might return different results on different cores in some hardware configurations (older multi-core processors). I attempted to alleviate these problems by using capping and by using a "python time" counter constructed from accumulated slices, with the assumption that IO bound threads are unlikely to get migrated often between cores while running. I will add references to the patch docs.

> - did you experiment with the time slice ? I tried some higher values and got better results, 
> without penalizing the latency. Maybe it could be interesting to look at it in more detail (and 
> on various platforms).

Can you post more details on your findings? It is possible that by using a bigger slice, you helped the OS classify CPU bound threads as such and improved "synchronization" between BFS and the OS scheduler.

Notes on optimization of code taken, thanks.
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